Thursday, October 21, 2010

Omar for Mayor

Omar Little The Wire
That's right, despite the fact that he's probably never been to Toronto (or even Canada for that matter), I'm endorsing Baltimore's infamous stickup artist, Omar Little, for mayor.

Unlike the current frontrunners, Omar has the qualities and background we need in a mayor, including a strict code of respect for taxpayers, a fundraising strategy which capitalizes on alternative and unconventional revenue sources, patience, and the ability to lead diverse groups. Finally, his "Omar Comin'" policing strategy would eliminate the need for most of Toronto's police force, leading to enormous savings.

Compared to his competition, this cheese stands alone.

Screenshot from The Wire.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Let’s Go Drink at the Amsterdam Brewery

The Amsterdam Brewery Toronto
The Amsterdam Brewery, located just north of Lake Shore Boulevard West on Bathurst Street, isn’t the finest microbrewery in the world, but their suds are decent, award winning, and more than reasonably priced.

But the brewery’s best deal is probably its tour, which really isn’t a tour, just a lot of beer for ten dollars. (The brewery used to offer full tours of its facility, until they were scaled back due to health and safety concerns.)

Now, ten bucks gets you eight (officially) to ten reasonably-sized samples of a variety of Amsterdam’s beers. Each sample works out to about a third of a bottle. So, for ten dollars, you get equivalent of three beers. Of course, it’s much cheaper to buy the same beer from the Beer Store, but compared to a bar or a restaurant, it’s a pretty good deal. Oh, yeah, I think they also tell you something about the brewing process. Frankly, it's a little hard to remember.

Photo by Paul Henman.

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