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Sunday, August 28, 2011


I've always been a big fan of Calvin and Hobbes, so much so that I have wallpaper watercolours of Bill Waterson's dynamic-duo for my home desktop, my work computer, and my phone. And of course, I own almost all of the books. (I'm missing a few of the compilations, though I'd love to get my hands on the Complete Calvin and Hobbes. Only 1440 pages!)

My love for all things Calvin and Hobbes started in 1993, the same year I started grade four at a new school. At my previous school, X-Men comics had been all the rage, but in the quiet suburbs of Etobicoke, kids couldn't get enough of Waterson's spikey-haired kid and his stuffed tiger. It wasn't long before I fell under the same spell. Thankfully, the school librarian was doing her job, and the library was fully stocked with all the books and compilations.

My first Calvin and Hobbes book (which I still have, though it's a little dog-eared) was Yukon-Ho!. The title's derived from a story in which Calvin decides to run away from home and move to the Yukon, as its the only place where you can "yell and cuss," and "where life can have real meaning." Perhaps a new slogan for the Yukon tourism board?

The poster pictured above was made for me in 1994 by a very kind and talented uncle. Unfortunately, there are two spelling mistakes in the comic. First, my last name is missing a "c" in the title, and second, "delight" is spelled incorrectly in the third last panel.

Bonus points if you can figure out where the tree in the last panel comes from. (Hint: the children's story also features stuffed animals.)

Photo by Stephen M.


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