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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Informed Tea Partiers

In my last post, I argued that there is no overarching tea party philosophy, and that videos like New Left Media's, which tend to focus on the most incoherent attendees, are somewhat dishonest.

As the videos above demonstrate, not all Tea Partiers are mindless, uninformed Fox News zombies. Many of these protesters have complex and reasoned ideological positions that they are more than willing to critically reassess.

So, why then, are these people following the Palins and Becks of the world?

I suspect that they're not really interested in Palin or Beck, or any of the other right-wing demagogues, but have shrewdly decided to tag along, as ideologically, there's room in the growing movement for their key policy points.

Videos first spotted on Andrew Sullivan's blog.