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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Toronto Ranked 14th in Meaningless List

Toronto foggy night
August is a pretty lazy, hazy month with not much going on. So to fill space, news organizations start to turn to low brow content like lists and rankings. Just a few days ago, Newsweek compiled a list of the world's best countries. Not to be outdone, Foreign Policy has released a list of the world's top global cities. As lists go, this one is pretty lazy. Foreign Policy claims to have measured "how much sway a city has beyond its borders—its influence and integration with global markets, culture, and innovation," but its methodology is never revealed, and in the end, the piece really doesn't have all that much to say.

Here's FP's effortless entry on Toronto—overall we're ranked 14th.

About half of Toronto's citizens are foreign-born. As the city ages—about one-fifth of locals are 60 or older—Toronto is likely to become more dependent on its immigrant community to revitalize its workforce.

Photo by paul (dex).


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