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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rob Ford's Tele-Town Hall Meeting = Rob Ford Love-in

Rob Ford Toronto
So, I got a call a few days ago from my good buddy Councillor Rob Ford, and he was all like "Steve, you should totally participate in my tele-town hall meeting. It's going to be bitchin'. We'll blast Mayor Miller for like an hour and then I'll promise to cut costs while somehow building a bajillion subway lines."

Frankly, it was an offer I couldn't refuse.

Ford's tele-town hall meetings are exactly what one would expect. Most of the people calling in just want to gush all over him and tell him how awesome he is for taking on Miller and the Toronto Star, and the rest ask vague questions about cutting taxes, ending government waste, and ummm...cutting taxes. Ford's answers are just as bad. Callers are cut off after they ask their questions, so there's no back and forth dialogue, which gives Ford a full license to just wander through his talking points on autopilot.

This led to some miscommunication in the session I was listening in on. When one woman called to complain about illegal ads, Ford flipped the topic around and spent most of the time talking about how he's going to clean up graffiti downtown. I guess Ford doesn't have any talking points about illegal ads. I wonder if he considers any advertising illegal?

While listening to Ford ramble on for more than an hour can be boring and repetitive, the session did provide an interesting glimpse into both the candidate and his supporters. If you get the chance—apparently Ford plans to contact everyone in the city—I'd listen in.

Photo by Shaun Merritt.