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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Homers at Hanlan's

Hanlans Point Toronto Baseball
Welcome to Hanlan's Point circa 1928, back before the western part of Toronto Island became home to Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport and a summertime sausage fest nude beach. The image above, which merges a 1928 photo of the Point's old baseball stadium (ca. 1928) with a modern view of Toronto's skyline, comes from Alden Cudanin's website, Toronto Before. Cudanin is a whiz at producing these kinds of historical mash-ups, and while I was impressed by his Armories remix, I think this one might be his best to date.

The stadium featured in the photo was built for the Toronto Maple Leafs baseball club in 1909, destroyed by a fire, rebuilt, destroyed again, and then, just for the hell of it, rebuilt again. In 1914, Babe Ruth, the sultan of swat, hit his first professional home run at the stadium—a fact that's repeated ad nauseam in almost every history of the island ever written. Finally, in the 1920s, the Leafs moved to a new stadium on the mainland, and in 1937 the diamond was demolished to make room for the new island airport.

Photo mash-up by Alden Cudanin.