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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

This Story Looks Familiar...

The Monarchist Plagiarism
Well, after almost two years, it's finally happened. Some desperate sap has plagiarized The Intrepid.

The Monarchist—a blog devoted to the British Monarchy—"borrowed" several large passages from an article I wrote last year on Mackenzie King's attempt to scrub King George VI from history for an entry called "Now You See His Majesty, Now You Don't."

Beaverbrook, the author of the article, at least credits this site at the end of his post—though I never gave him permission to use my article. If he had of just asked, I probably would have let him reprint the whole thing.

Sigh. I guess Beaverbrook is just imitating the the unsavory tendencies of his namesake, Lord Beaverbrook, the infamous Canadian-British politician and philanthropist.

Screenshot from The Monarchist.