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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Rejigging Europe

New Map of Europe
In an recent article, The Economist loosened its necktie a little—a welcome break from its usually staunch fiscal conservatism—and redrew the map of Europe in a rather amusing way (see above).

The big winners from this rejigging are no doubt Poland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. After years of nervously looking over their shoulders at the Russians and the Germans, these countries finally can enjoy the security that comes from miles of water.

Even though this map is joke, The Economist's editors have still managed to take a swipe at the UK's financial problems by moving it south to join the equally beleaguered Mediterranean states.

The inclusion of the fictional countries of Syldavia and Borduria is also a nice tip of the hat to Tintin fans—though in the Tintin universe these two countries share a border.

Map from The Economist