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Friday, February 05, 2010

TTC Trip Planner Fail

TTC Trip Planner FailI hope nobody is relying on the TTC's trip planner to get to Metro Hall.

So far, there's been very little praise for the beta version of the TTC's trip planner, which was just released this Tuesday. Yesterday, Torontoist used seven different routes to compare the TTC's planner with—a competing online trip calculator—and found that was the vastly superior service; enlightened transit blogger Steve Munro has complained about the planner's inability to factor auxiliary station exits into its calculations; and the Star chided the online service for failing to recognize significant landmarks.

One of the biggest problems with the service is that it has trouble distinguishing between different streets with the same name. Take the example above of Metro Hall. The TTC's trip planner knows that Metro Hall is located at 55 John Street, but it doesn't know which John Street, so it just picks the first one in its database, which happens to be the one in the former city of York.

The TTC's trip planner is still in its beta stages, so, for now, I'm willing to cut it a little slack.

Screenshot from the TTC's trip planner.