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Sunday, February 21, 2010

CTV Flubs the 2010 Vancouver Olympics

CTV 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics
The real travesty at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver isn’t the lack of snow, the crummy Zambonis, or Canada’s torch lighting fail—it’s CTV’s awful coverage.

So far, CTV’s coverage can probably best be described as a disorienting mash-up of pointless super slow-mo shots, lousy camera work, commentators that haven’t done their homework, and Brian “what the fuck I’m a doing here” Williams. In all fairness, this is the first time that CTV has tried to cover an event of this magnitude, so perhaps I should be giving them some more slack. But if CTV doesn’t step up their game by 2012, I’d like to see the games return to CBC.

Unfortunately, unless these games turn out to be a financial disaster for CTV’s parent company, CTVGlobemedia—which they could be, considering the state of the advertising world—it’s likely that Globemedia’s deep pockets will allow it to hold on to the games indefinitely.

Photo by Van Felt.


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