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Monday, January 18, 2010

The TTC's Design for Finch West Station

TTC Finch West StationFinch West Station in all it's black and white glory. The TTC would have done the station up in colour, but that costs more money.

TTC Finch West StationHow many of the TTC's parking lots are on hydro corridors anyway?

Today for Torontoist, I wrote up an article on the TTC's designs for Finch West station, one of the new stations for the planned Spadina line extension.

The station is being constructed at Keele Street and Finch Avenue West. I rarely have to go north of Bloor Street, and it's even rarer that I have to use the northern part of the Spadina line, so I doubt I'll ever use this station. The station is also being designed so it can hook up to the Etobicoke-Finch West LRT, another one of the TTC's large capital plans that I doubt I'll ever use.

More information can be found in my article or the TTC's design document [PDF].