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Friday, January 08, 2010

TTC Fantasy Map (Circa 1969)

TTC 1969 Transit PlansThe TTC's proposed network expansions. (1969) Click to enlarge.

TTC Transit City
The TTC's proposed network expansions. (2009) Image posted by rokkitz. Click to enlarge.

I almost want to add these maps to my Now and Then collection just to demonstrate how little the TTC has accomplished over the last forty years.

The black and white map above comes from a 1969 Globe and Mail article [PDF] on the TTC's plans to extend streetcar and subways lines throughout the city. As you can see, the proposed routes (the dotted lines) look pretty similar to the TTC's current plans for Transit City and the DRL (Downtown Relief Line).

I guess late is better than never, but imagine what this city would be like today if we had both an Eglinton and Queen subway taking pressure off the Bloor-Danforth line and light transit lines covering the city's fringes. On the other hand, the Scarborough RT—the only part of the 1969 map that was ever finished—has been a disaster.

So, if Transit City actually gets completed, let's just hope that the TTC gets it right—then we can move on to fantasy and dream maps.

The black and white map above and the Globe and Mail article were discovered by transit guru Steve Munro.