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Friday, January 15, 2010

Lux Touch Addiction

Lux Touch iPhone Game
Since I got my iPod Touch for Christmas, I've been addicted to Lux Touch, a simple, but elegant, knock-off of the board game Risk. The game isn't quite perfect, but it's easily one of the top five apps I've downloaded.

The game plays like a standard game of Risk, except rolling is handled by the computer and the card system has been simplified. You play as the blue army, and you're goal—just like in regular Risk—is to conquer the world. Each turn you receive new armies (the number of armies depends on the number territories and continents you've conquered), and after each turn, if you've captured a new territory, you get a card, which you can later turn in for more armies (once you have at least three of a kind).

Lux Touch is fast-paced, and if you're good, most games can be completed in under ten minutes. While commuting on the TTC, I've gotten into the habit of trying to see how quickly I can win. So far my record is four stops: High Park to Royal York stations. According to the TTC's old travel time chart [PDF], that works out to about six minutes.

My biggest complaint is that the game is just too easy; I can't even remember the last time I've lost. Sillysoft, the game's developer, has released an upgraded version, with tougher AI opponents, more maps, and multiplayer, but unfortunately it costs $5 and the interface is plagued by stuttering issues.

If it comes down in price, I might spring for the new version. But for now, I'll stick with the free app (until I get sick of it).

Photo from the iTunes App Store.