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Monday, January 18, 2010

If Martha Coakley Loses Obama is Probably Toast

Martha Coakley's latest campaign ad.

If Martha Coakley loses the US Senate special election in Massachusetts tomorrow, the Democrats will take a beating in 2010, Barack Obama will probably lose in 2012 (barring some sort of Bill Clinton-style comeback), and nihilism, bickering, and hate mongering will reign throughout the land.

Coakley sounds like an awful candidate; she’s crass, uninformed, and a symbol of the deeply corrupt and arrogant Democratic establishment that controls Massachusetts, but if she loses, health care reform will die on the table and anyone who was a part of it will be severely punished by the electorate.

Americans don’t like the current health care reform bill working through congress, but do you know what they hate even more? Do-nothing losers. If health care reform doesn’t pass, the Republicans will use both the ideas in the bill and the fact that the Democrats couldn’t get anything done to beat them over the head.

A few analysts, like Jonathan Chiat, are suggesting that the Democrats could still work with Olympia Snow to get the 60th senate vote to pass health care. Not a chance. All of Snow’s demands, except for more debate time (apparently a year wasn’t long enough), have been met by the current bill. If she didn’t already vote for it, why the hell would she vote for it after it’s been tied to the defeat of what was supposed to be the safest Democratic Senate seat in the country?

If Scott Brown, Martha Coakley’s GOP opponent, wins on Tuesday, Republicans everywhere are going to double-down on their anti-government rhetoric and insane promises to lower taxes and reduce deficits (regardless of how intellectually dishonest those claims are), and they’re going to ride a wave of hatred and misery all the way to the White House.