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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Globe and Mail Needs a Lesson in Manners

Globe and Mail
Last week, for Torontoist, I put together a story about the Canadian news organizations that use iCopyright, a Seattle-based licensing service that allows news sites to license their content to their users. To find out why they're using iCopyright, I talked to the Toronto Star,, and the Globe and Mail. Both the Star and the CBC returned my interview requests and answered my questions (though the CBC’s media relations department took their sweet time about it), while the Globe decided to sidestep my inquires.

I asked the Globe’s licensing and syndication department if they viewed their licensing system primarily as a revenue stream or an anti-piracy tool, and they told me to go talk to iCopyright. Again, I stated that I was more interested in learning why the Globe chose to use this particular licensing system, and I was told, rather rudely, to go visit iCopyright’s website to get a better idea of what they do. After that, they just stopped responding to my emails.

In retrospect, I think I let the Globe off too easily. I should have included a sentence in my article along the lines of: "We asked the Globe and Mail why they used iCopyright, but their licensing and syndication department refused to give us a straight answer." Next time, I guess.

Photo by smallestbones.