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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Christopher Hitchens on the US Health Care Reform

Christopher Hitchens
I have a love/hate relationship with Christopher Hitchens. He's an undeniably bright individual, but I feel his arrogance often clouds his judgment.

On US health care reform he's bang on though.

On the health care debate, wake me when it's over...

There seems to be something about the United States that really doesn't want health care. Even people that could most benefit from it in this country don't want it. I almost think it's phycological sometimes; they'd rather live dangerously and not live in a country where they are taken care of.

I hope this doesn't sound flippant, but I don't ever expect there to be socialized medicine in the United States. Not even if everyone did want it, which I think they don't.
Excerpt taken from from's interview with Christopher Hitchens.