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Sunday, January 03, 2010

16% of the World's Adults Would Migrate If They Could

Move to Another Country
Desired Destination
According to a Gallup poll conducted in early November 2009, more than 700 million people would permanently move to another country if they could.

Adult residents in sub-Saharan Africa were the most interested in moving to another country. If given the opportunity, 36% (approximately 165 million people) said they would.

Adults in East Asia were the least interested in moving; only 10% (approximately 250 million people) would permanently migrate. Considering the levels of poverty in Asia, I'm surprised that such a large percentage of people are content with their country of origin.

The most desired location was the United States, with 24% of respondents (which translates to about 165 million people) wanting to permanently move to the US.

net migration
If everyone who wanted to relocate was given the opportunity, some countries, like Canada, would more than double in size, while others like the Democratic Republic of the Congo, would lose more than half of their population.

From Gallup.com