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Monday, December 07, 2009

Tusker Beer, Kenya's Finest

Tusker Kenya BeerA souvenir from my sister's trip to Kenya.

Tusker, which is brewed by East African Breweries, is the most popular beer in Kenya. It was first marketed in 1923, and named after the elephant that killed Kenya Breweries Ltd's founder, George Hurst, while on safari.

That has to be the best origin story I've ever heard for a beer.

Tusker Kenya BeerThe back of the can.

The text on the back of the can even celebrates the story of its founder's demise.

Now, there's something else that's a little odd here. Why is Tusker, Kenya's most popular beer, brewed in Ireland under the supervision of Kenyans?

Outsourcing production to a country with lower wages is a typical practice in every industry, including beer. Carlsberg, for instance, is now brewed in Turkey under the supervision of Danes. But this one seems a little backwards. Wouldn't it be cheaper to produce Tusker in Kenya?

Then again, perhaps Kenya just doesn't have the infrastructure or the expertise to operate a large scale brewery.

Photos by Stephen M.


Pat said...

Believe me the Tusker Brewery is BIG and world class. They make Guinness there too. I prefer their wonderful White Cap pilsner myself.