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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Canada Post's Letters to Santa Program

Creepy Toronto Star Reporter Talks With KidsA Toronto Star reporter interrogates several kids over the content of their letters to Santa.

My article about Canada Post's Toronto launch of its letters to Santa program is now up on Torontoist.

Although I had a good time at the event, which was held at the Learning Enrichment Foundation in Weston, at times I felt like I was exploiting the kids for their journalistic value; especially after half of Toronto's media establishment showed up.

Whenever I cover a story, I try to let things flow naturally, especially if I'm taking photos. However, most of my colleagues had absolutely no qualms about staging shots, or having kids rewrite their letters so they could get some good photos. While I don't usually mind when this kind of thing is done with adults, it was gross to see the kids shuffled around, and I felt bad that I was a part of it.

Photo by Stephen M.