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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Toronto's Ghost Signs

Toronto's Ghost Signs Coca-ColaTaken August 3, 2000. Broadview Meat Market. (Lost to gentrification in 2006.)

Before billboards became practical, companies and shops used to paint their advertisements straight onto brick walls. Although most of Toronto's ads have been washed away or covered up, there are a few still around. For years, Dave Till, an amateur photographer and blogger, has been working to catalogue what's left of these fading "ghost signs."

The following four are still standing. (Several of Till's photos were taken over ten years, so I've included images from Google Street View to show what the ads look like today.)

Tip Top Tailors - 260 Richmond Street

Toronto Ghost Signs Tip Top TailorsTaken November 27, 1999.

Toronto Ghost Signs Tip Top TailorsGoogle Street View, 2009.

Weston Credit Jewelers - 1962 Weston Road

Toronto Ghost Signs Weston Credit JewelersTaken December 1, 2002.

Toronto Ghost Signs Weston Credit JewelersGoogle Street View, 2009.

Ingram Bell - 286 McCaul Street

Toronto Ghost Signs Ingram BellTaken September 14, 2006.

Toronto Ghost Signs Ingram BellGoogle Street View, 2009.

Reliance Engravers - 100 Bond Street

Toronto Ghost Signs Reliance EngraversTaken August 14, 2000.

Toronto Ghost Signs Reliance EngraversGoogle Street View, 2009.

You can check out Dave Till's full collection here.

From Dave Till's Toronto Ghost Sign Set. Via Toronto Mike.


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