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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sarah Palin's Lies

Sarah Palin's Lies
Andrew Sullivan compiles a list of Sarah Palin's disturbing lies.

The lies of Sarah Palin are different from any other politicians'. They are different because they assert things that are demonstrably, empirically untrue; and they are different because once they have been deonstrated to the entire world that they are untrue, Palin keeps repeating them as if they still were true or refuses to acknowledge that she was wrong.

...Go through them. See if you think they are Clintonian type parsings of the truth or artful political hedging or anything like what we find in most pols. They really are not. They are functions of delusion and a worldview that wants things to be a certain way and cannot absorb that they are not.
From Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish.