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Monday, October 26, 2009

World Map of Railways

World Map Railways
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The railway networks in India, Argentina, and parts of Africa betray their former relationships with the British Empire. In fact, you can tell which African countries were British colonies by the number of railways.

From New Scientist.


Carla said...

It is true, in Argentina, the subway still dates of the time of the British invations. The railway and subway system were established by the British. I was there a few years ago, and I rented furnished apartments in buenos aires in the neighbourhood of Palermo. I had a subway line very close to my apartment. One day I realized that the driver of the subway for instance was sitting on the usual "passenger" side. Then people there explained me that the reason for that was that they had never changed the subway so it had stay the way it was at the beginning, but cars in Argentina have the driver´s seat on the left, not the right as in England. It is pretty confusing, but was interesting to know about it!

matthewhardy said...

The Adelaide-Darwin railway was completed in 2004, so should be shown on your map.

The other way you can tell British colonial railways is that they only run from the hinterland to the ports. They weren't interested in creating a network.