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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Strip Club Favours Diversity?

Haven on the Queensway

Since I can remember, 1533 The Queensway—that dark, windowless building west of Ikea—has been a strip club. Last year, when the building changed from the Casino Adult Lounge to Haven on the Queensway, I just assumed it was the same old place under new management. But apparently, it’s now a Christian outreach centre run by Queensway Cathedral (the church across the street).

What finally tipped me off today when I was riding the Queensway bus home was the building’s new diversity mural. "Why," I asked myself, "would a strip club have diversity mural?" Of course, my hopes that an adult establishment had embraced diversity were dashed by a Google search that indicated the building’s change in ownership.

But seriously Haven, put some more windows in and get rid of the black vinyl awning: the building still screams "adults only."

Image from Google Street View.


Papa Mook said...

OYG.. it looks like a Goatse too! :O

Unknown said...

hey Stephen,as an Intrepid reporter,cover the Haven On The Queensway Brazilian BBQ August 17!Definitely need an update on this article:)Cheers!

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