Live From Downtown Toronto, It's Nuit Blanche - The Intrepid

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Live From Downtown Toronto, It's Nuit Blanche

Torontoist Blanche Slate
Torontoist's Blanche Slate, on the south wall of the AGO. Damn OCAD fog machine, how dare you ruin my picture. Oh well, it wasn't my best update of the night anyway.

On Saturday night, I lost my live-blogging and Nuit Blanche virginities to Torontoist. As part of the site's coverage of the event, I went around to different art installations and emailed my thoughts (mostly jokes) via iPhone to David Topping, the site's editor, who then posted them online and projected them onto a wall on the south side of the AGO (see above).

Nuit Blanche Toronto Text City Hall
Oh snap! You just got pwned giant four letter text thing.

Even though it was a tad cold and some of the exhibits were a little too spread out, the event was a lot of fun. In the words of one random, possibly high spectator: "It's great to see Toronto experience a little anarchy. It's like we're Montreal or something." The only thing that really soured my experience was the TTC's dismal west-end service. (Ossington bus, you're on notice!)

Top photo by Stephen M.


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