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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Clockwords is Super-Duper Addictive


I never thought I'd write an article praising a game presented by, but here it goes. Clockwords is a fantastic, if slightly bizarre game, that satisfyingly mixes addictive wordplay with a kick-ass steam punk-style atmosphere.

The game takes place in Victorian London, where you play as an inventor who has just built a strange contraption that runs on words (yes, words). As you start to test out your new invention, your lab is attacked by mechanical spiders that are out to steal the secret plans that are locked away in your vault. To defend against the spiders, you have to arm your invention's cannon with the power of language.

Type in any word you can think of, and your cannon will fire its letters at the mechanical spiders. (Note: The game doesn't except swears like shit, bitch, etc...) At the bottom of the screen, you have several chambers that fill with letters. You can enter whatever words you want into the machine, but only the letters in the chamber actually deal any damage. As you progress to different levels, you can collect new, more powerful letters, and combine different letters in the transmutation chamber to form letters that do more damage.

The name of the game is speed. Never hesitate. Just keep pumping out words as fast as you can think them up. A word can only be used once a level, so you'll have to keep thinking up new words. While this may not seem like much of a restriction, it makes the game more challenging, especially if you get hung up on using the same words over and over again.

Gabob has done a great job with Clockwords. The game play is simple, but fun, the artwork is stylish, and the music is downright awesome. According to Clockwork's website, the game's next act is just around the corner. Hopefully, it's just as riveting.

Screenshot from Clockwords.