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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Canada's Broadband Sucks

Chart Top 20 Countries Broadband

A new study released by research teams at the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford indicates that Canada's broadband service is lagging behind. [PDF] Here's how we ranked:

  • 17th for broadband leadership (which combines speed and access)
  • 30th for broadband quality (down from 26th in 2008)
  • 30th for download speeds
  • 31st for upload speeds
  • 25th for broadband quality as measured by stage of economic development
The study also indicates that broadband services in Toronto are just barely meeting the needs of today's applications. In the study, Toronto ranked 82nd in terms of quality. In comparison, Vancouver ranked 46th.

Originally spotted on Michael Geist's blog.


Daniel Isaac said...

I am in Canada, don't know if our local providers are the fastest but they meet our needs, ISP's like Acanac provide affordable broadband solutions, we are growing and soon we will be in the top five.