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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Photos from Glenn Beck’s 9/12 Project Rally in Washington, D.C.

Glenn Beck 9/12 Project
Great shirt.

The following photos were taken at Glenn Beck’s 9/12 Project Rally in Washington, D.C. on September 12, 2009. According to various conservative organizers and bloggers, more than 1.5 million people attended, but in reality, only about fifty to sixty thousand attended (which is still a scary number).

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Glenn Beck 9/12 Project
I don't where to begin with this one.

Glenn Beck 9/12 Project

Glenn Beck 9/12 Project
I guess he's from somewhere other than Kenya.

Glenn Beck 9/12 Project
A lot of people would probably like to throw this guy into the Boston Harbor.

Glenn Beck 9/12 Project
1) It's Commander-in-Chief, not "Commander and Chief." 2) "Commandeer and Thieve" doesn't rhyme.

Glenn Beck 9/12 Project
So...Obama's going to start building concentration camps with ovens and crematoriums?

Where is all this hate and derision coming from? Last week, on the Slate Political Gabfest, Emily Bazelon suggested that the current political climate might be the result of three different factors:

I’m wondering why we have these really sharp divisive insults right now. Is it because we’re having this really extreme partisan division? Is it because moments like the throwing of the shoe at President Bush and all the anti-war rhetoric started us down this path and this isn’t really different in kind, it’s just the next step? Or is there some part of this country that’s really uncomfortable with having an African American president and uses these moments to express that discomfort in a way that’s not overtly racist, but is still tinged with that?
Personally, I think it's a combination of all three, mixed with a dash of political opportunism and a strong opposition to change.

Update (01/09/2010): This article originally linked to a piece at that erroneously claimed that over 1.5 million people attended the rally. Since this article was published, Rice has blocked all traffic coming from The Intrepid. To compensate, the link now directs to a cached version of Rice's piece.

Photos originally spotted on Reddit. Photos by MeetTheCrazies.


Unknown said...

Talk about hate! just listen to Olbermann, Schultz,Maddow, Huffington et al. I am a recovering Liberal. I cannot believe the deceit and bias of the liberal media. Shame on you!
For the first time in my life, I started listening to talk radio. Wow! Yes! They are right.
I got an email from a liberal group wanting me to sign a pledge to not listen to Fox News. What are they afraid of?
You idiots on the left are so wrong on so many levels.

Stephen M. said...

Hi Kathy,

I agree. Olbermann, Schultz, Maddow, and the Huffington Post are shallow and skewed to the left. Fox News, however, is just as bad, if not worse.

I'm not scared of Fox News, Glenn Beck, or Sarah Palin. They have a right to air their ideas, just like everyone else. And just like everyone else, when they publicly expose their ideas, they can be criticized.

Anonymous said...

Such a shame, we have such a wonderful country and then we have Conservative morons like Glenn Beck who are running it right into the ground. Shame on you people who are buying this BS! I'm fine with both views, I like to hear the news from both sides but THIS is absurd. Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh need to keep their damn mouths shut.

Unknown said...

Olbermann, Schultz, Maddow and detinately must be drinking the dirty tea. They do get passionate and yes they lean left to VERY left, but AT LEAST they are not AFRAID to criticize and stand up their principles even when violated by the Left. I have NEVER heard Fox criticize the idiots on the right who nearly brought our GREAT Country to its knees. The COnstitutional HYPOCRITES were NOWHERE to be found when the 10th Amendment was violated in 1999/2000 which brought us GW Bush/Cheney, where were they when Iraq War was "shoved down our throats?", wire tapping? Non-funded Medicare D? Non-funded Rich tax cuts? Just be REAL and stand up for your "values" ALL the time not when the damage is done... said...

I made no statements on my site as to the number count of those attending on 08/28/10.

Yet you have linked to my site stating that your announcement of the crowd-count was 'according to' me (you linked your statement to my site).

You also linked to my site to an old post of mine, not one that even relates to the 08/28/10 event in D.C.

I realize you really need to display "right wing" opinions and persons as sub-humans, but lying to do so doesn't assist your process (not that the process should be assisted).

So, was your purpose in your misleading link-with-statement to harass me and my site or to deceive your site's readers?

Try and stand up straight. The D.C. event organized by Glenn Beck was a wonderful day for all who attended and amidst the many who did attend, a few people wrote signs with misspellings. Guess what, there is a litany of cretinous signage created by many a Leftwinger the world over. If you'd like a few links to a few images as examples of that, let me know, I'd be happy to provide you with a few.

Stephen M. said...

Dear Suzy,

Perhaps you should learn how to read.

This article is about Glenn Beck's 2009 9/12 rally, not his recent rally. said...

@ Steve: if I didn't already know how to read, I certainly would not be writing this nor visiting this site, where there's little to read but simple degenerate negativity.

However, I do now realize that the degenerate negativity here is about the 2009 gathering that Beck hosted in D.C. and not about the recent 08/28/10.

In which case and also, however, after checking my post that was in reference to this earlier, 2009 event, as per what this site has linked to (I assume to ridicule me, the event and whoever you can throw your rhetorical mud at), I note that what I included there is information reported by someone else and not me. So again, I write, I made no statement (*I* made no statement) about crowd size. I referred readers on my site to information about crowd size as reported by someone else with a link to another site from mine.

I'm curious, though, why you are so curious about crowd size at the earlier, 2009 Glenn Beck-hosted event. Or why you would opt to link to my site regards that event, or any other from among us sub-human "rightwing" people you seem to so desperately disrespect.

We here in the U.S. have Freedom of Speech. We're not barbaric and limited to criticizing our government as we, free men, see fit. We're not subjects to any monarchy.

Stephen M. said...

I was interested in Beck's 9/12 rally in 2009, when I wrote the article. You're the one digging up the past here, not me.

In your article on Beck's 9/12 rally you state the following:

"Meanwhile, the Americans congregating in D.C. alone (not including the related groups congregating nationwide in other areas — here are posts with photos from a rally in Phoenix, AZ and here’s one from Cummings, GA) who Barack Obama and his Administration’s spokesperson, Gibbs, ignored — ignorance is Leftwing political and personal bliss, apparently — have been reliably reported to have been 1.2 million (U.S. Parks Service figure), or to be 1.5 million as estimated by the D.C. Metro-Police, while also estimated to have been upwards to 2 million in number (though the 2 million-count remains in play today)."

You're right, I should have been more specific here. While you cite a variety of sources, it looks like you just made those numbers up, which is probably why I cited you. The U.S. National Park Service hasn't kept statistics on crowd sizes since 1997, and I can't find any statistics released by the D.C. Police Department. Furthermore, neither of the blogs you cite provide reliable information about the size of the crowd.

I find some of the Tea Partiers' views disturbing and potentially dangerous, which is why I criticize them, but I don't consider its members to be sub-human.