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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Obama's Health Care Reforms Will Kill Seniors and Babies

Obama Kill Seniors Health Care

Finally, right-wing advocacy groups like the Family Research Council and Our Country PAC have exposed Obama’s sinister plan for America. And no, Obama isn’t just planning on turning America into a socialist paradise (that’s not evil enough); his real plan is larger and far more devious. Thanks to intrepid conservative watchdogs, like the FRC and PAC, we now know that Obama plans to kill off America's grandmas through health care reforms and then use the long-term savings to perform a million abortions (or at least that's what the recent crop of conservative attack ads are claiming).

American attack ads are usually vicious and loose with the facts, but the following three are particularly galling.

"They won't pay for my surgery, but we're forced to pay abortions."

"Would you be willing to put your own family into the hands of Barack Obama’s socialistic health care plan?"

"Now in their most vulnerable period, seniors are being asked to sacrifice again!"

These attack ads are blatantly false. The words "planned parenthood" and "abortion" don't appear anywhere in the current health care reform bill, and while the bill does provide funding for doctor-patient end-of-life consultations through Medicare, it's not mandatory.

The image above is from the Family Research Council.


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