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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Trash Wars: The Toronto Garbage Strike Game

Toronto Trash Wars

Trash Wars has already received more media attention than it deserves, so I'm somewhat reluctant to discuss it further, but someone has to point out just how awful it is. This game is an advertisement for 29-year-old computer programmer Hafiz Kassam, and his studio, Q-Kmbr Games, and a rather poor one at that. It’s clear that no thought or effort went into the design of this game. You play as some poorly drawn, nameless schmuck with a pistol that’s tasked to defend a pile of garbage from an ever growing infestation of rats. Killing the rats is as easy as pointing and clicking, or at least that’s the way it works at the beginning; near the end, when there’s too many rats on the screen, the game’s hit-detection system breaks down, and most of your bullets pass harmlessly through their targets. Thankfully, the game’s short; after you’ve killed six-hundred rats, it ends.

Based on the skyline, we guess that the action takes place somewhere on Toronto Island, but the skyline is really the only clue—change it, and this could be about any city with a garbage or rat problem.

The screenshot is from Q-Kmbr Games' Trash Wars.


Anonymous said...

hi... just dropping by!

toronto insurance broker said...

This is absolutely ridiculous. Not the game but rather all the attention the strike is getting. The strike itself is quite comical. I mean, those garbage workers apparently get paid $20 to $50 an hour. Thousands of people are unemployed and would give anything to do that job for even less money. Regards, Lorne.

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