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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Historic Toronto Postcard Collection

Toronto Piano Workers on Strike

This week for Torontoist I briefly talked about John Chuckman's Toronto postcard collection, and created a gallery of some of his best uploads. Unfortunately, Chuckman declined my interview requests, so I still don't know what his sources are.

And because I can't resist...

From The Simpsons episode, The PTA Disbands.

Edna: Good news, people!
[the other teachers cheer]
I'm happy to announce that another union has joined us in a
sympathy strike: the piano tuners' Local 412!
[the teachers look at one another, confused]
[a piano tuner stands outside a house with an out-of-tune
piano and looks smug]

Image is from Jonh Chuckman's postcard blog.