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Friday, July 17, 2009

Auto Tune the News is Brilliant

Auto Tune the News is a witty send up of the mindless nature of 24-hour news coverage. The “faux R&B series,” created by musician Michael Gregory and his band The Gregory Brothers, remixes footage from C-Span, Fox News, CNN, and a dozen other news outlets with catchy beats, absurd rhyming, and mechanical T-Pain style vocals. The voice effects are created by Auto-Tune, a program that’s usually used by studios to clean up imperfect pop vocals, but when it’s used on people who aren’t singing, it makes them sound like lyrical robots.

Making the cable news networks look dumber than they already are is an impressive feat, especially when The Daily Show often gets its biggest laughs just by running through the news goofs of the week. Gregory succeeds, often by transforming the pundits and politicians’ sound-bites into ridiculous lyrics; as he did in his latest video with Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner. The overused media news panel is also frequently satirized. In their fifth video, the team responds to a NBC panel discussion on the unassailable nature of American exceptionalism by crooning, “Yeah we the Promised Land, the sacred place, getting blessed by Joe Biden from space!” Following which, an image of Joe Biden singing “God Bless America” appears on one of the studio’s HD TVs.

To date, six episodes have been released, the latest of which (featured above) takes on Republican House Representative John Boehner, Sarah Palin, Michael Jackson’s death, and Katie Couric (who has been featured in every video so far).