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Wednesday, June 10, 2009's First Open Internet Town Hall Meeting in Toronto

Open Internet Town Hall Toronto

My article on's first open internet Town Hall meeting is now up on Torontoist. This was the first tech event I’d ever been to, and I thought—what with my nerdy background—that I’d fit in. Surprisingly, I felt more out of my element there than I have covering art and music shows (two subjects I know relatively little about).

On another note, a twitter fight seems to have broken out between Jesse Brown, of TVO’s Search Engine, and NOW Magazine, over a comment Brown made Monday night. Brown suggested that Net Neutrality's alignment with leftist entities, like the NDP,, and NOW Magazine, has made the issue too partisan. "Excuse me, but what the F are you talking about with this net neutrality neutral song-and-dance?" responded NOW on Twitter. "You're muddling the issue for your own personal profile."

Photo by Andrew Louis.