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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Viamede Resort Review: Is it Worth the Trip?

Viamede Resort

This Victoria Day weekend, we vacationed at Viamede Resort: a luxury cottage-style inn situated on Stoney Lake, just thirty minutes outside of Peterborough. Usually, at this time of year—especially on a long weekend—a well-known destination like Viamede would be packed. However, when we arrived, the main inn was vacant, and only one other cabin was in use—essentially, we had the whole place to ourselves (when we went to dinner in the dining hall, we were the only guests there).

Viamede Resort
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The weekend was pretty cold, so it’s plausible that the weather might have driven some customers away. But fancy resorts like this are booked weeks, if not months, in advance, and the non-refundable deposit is usually pretty hefty. If Viamede's quandary is indicative of the situation across Central Ontario, than Ontario's tourism industry must be bleeding pretty badly.

Viamede Resort
The dining hall.

While we had an enjoyable time, it often felt as if Viamede wasn’t quite open yet. When we arrived many of the amenities seemed broken or unavailable. We couldn’t play horseshoes because the horseshoe pit was too muddy (although, we probably could have played horseshoes somewhere else, but we weren’t given that option). When we went to check out the hot tub, we found that it was broken, which surprised the girl at the desk, despite the fact that another reviewer indicates that it’s been broken since May 2. The cabin itself was quaint, but in desperate need of a new paint job—much like the rest of the resort.

The best part of Viamede was probably the one thing that the resort has the least control over: the scenery. Stoney Lake was gorgeous (especially on Monday, when the sun finally came out and we were able to go canoeing). When it’s bright and sunny it’s easy to see why the lake has become so popular among Ontario’s cottage goers. Ultimately, the scenery around Viamede is worth the trip, but the resort itself is nothing special.

Photos by dragonheart2. (Taken in the fall.)