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Monday, May 11, 2009

Sananguaqatiit: The Champion of Carving Safety

The Adventures of Sananguaqatiit

Forget Batman, Spiderman, and Iron Man, the next big superhero who’s destined for the big screen is Sananguaqatiit, the star of The Adventures of Sananguaqatiit. The comic features Charlie Kavik, a mild mannered Inuit carver who’s imbued with superpowers in order to stop unsafe carving practices in the Arctic. According to the comic’s publisher, the Inuit Art Foundation—which published the comic between 1992 and 1996—Sananguaqatiit is Inuktitut for: "your carving buddy."

The Adventures of Sananguaqatiit
Even the writers can't keep the spelling of "Sananguaqatiit" consistent.

We understand the importance of teaching safe carving practices, but did anybody ever take this comic seriously? For starters it’s boring. Besides talking endlessly about carving safety, Sananguaqatiit really doesn’t do anything. He doesn’t save lives, he just kinda shows up and people listen to him. He could just be a normal, but knowledgeable guy, and it wouldn’t make a bit of difference. His flying snowmobile, Super Qamutilk (yes, he rides a fucking flying snowmobile), lets him travel places quickly, but that ability is hardly essential to the plot-less stories.

The Adventures of Sananguaqatiit

Surprisingly, this kind of weird message-driven aboriginal-comic isn't even that unusual. In 1973, the Canadian government created a comic called, The Incredible Coming of Al Cohol, in an attempt to teach Inuit communities about the evils of drinking. The comic starred Al Cohol, an alien with a drinking problem. Like The Adventures of Sananguaqatiit, The Incredible Coming of Al Cohol is extremely ham-fisted and somewhat racist in its portrayal of Inuit people.

All of the issues of The Adventures of Sananguaqatiit are available here, but we don't recommend reading them.