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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Make Your Own Michael Ignatieff Magazine Cover

Michael Ignatieff Conservative Magazine Cover

We have to hand it to the Conservatives—it must have taken months to find all these delightfully droll images of Ignatieff. Our favourite picture is the one where he's delicately wrapping his hand around his face. Look at his clothes, that haircut, and those pompous rings on his hand; he looks like a giant 1980s douche bag.

The best part is that you can combine these images with any four titles of your choice to create your very own Ignatieff Me! magazine cover that you can share with your friends and family. The American, British, French, and Russian flags under the magazine’s title are also a nice touch. They really help enforce what a cosmopolitan jackass Michael Ignatieff is.

(In case you were wondering, .me is the top-level domain reserved for Montenegro.)

Images are from the Conservative Party of Canada's website.