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Friday, April 17, 2009

TTC Dream Map

TTC Dream Map
TTC Dream Map: Click to enlarge.

After critiquing several of the TTC fantasy maps out there, we decided that it was high-time to create our own. Keep in mind, this map is complete fiction and entirely unrealistic. It builds upon some of what the TTC has proposed or is currently working on, like the Downtown Relief Line and the Spadina-University expansion, but it also completely ignores Transit City and the forthcoming LRT lines. Since the map is based on the current TTC route map, it also includes the map’s distortions, and is thus not to scale.

Bloor-Danforth-Scarborough Line
TTC Bloor-Danforth-Scarborough

Ding-dong the fucking witch is dead! Yes, this map kills off the much hated Scarborough RT line and replaces it with an extension of the Bloor-Danforth line. In the east, the Scarborough section of the line now extends to the University of Toronto’s Scarborough campus and to the Metro Toronto Zoo (yay!) and in the west, the line now stops at the Etobicoke Ikea (no more shuttle buses) and Sherway Gardens. An expansion of the Bloor-Danforth line to Sherway Gardens isn’t entirely unrealistic, but replacing the Scarborough RT with a subway line is downright crazy.

Extension of the Spadina-University Line

TTC University Spadina Extension

The TTC is already working on expanding the Spadina-University line to Vaughan. The TTC plans to complete the project by 2015.

Sheppard-Downtown Loop
TTC Sheppard Downtown Loop

The Sheppard-Downtown line takes the preexisting Sheppard line and combines it with the proposed Downtown Relief Line. While it’s highly unlikely that the two lines would ever become a loop, it’s probable that if the Downtown Relief Line is built it may one day be extended to meet the Sheppard line. There’s one obvious problem with the loop: in the east, the loop crosses through several ravines, which would make construction costly and difficult, though not impossible. In the west, it looks like there are huge distances separating some of the stations on Sheppard Avenue West. However, although long, the distortions in the route map’s design make the distances look larger than they are.

Eglinton Line
TTC Eglinton

An Eglinton subway line is unlikely to ever be built, as an Eglinton LRT is part of the Transit City plan. The big advantage of the line is that it provides subway access to Pearson Airport.

Etobicoke Line
TTC Etobicoke

Out of all the new lines and extensions, the Etobicoke line is probably the most superfluous. While it provides access to GO stations, parks, malls, the waterfront, Pearson Airport, and northern Etobicoke, it also travels large distances through relatively low density areas.

Update: This map was originally published with several errors, they have since been corrected.


Andrew said...

I do like that you've done this in good TTC style - adds that air of verisimilitude. I don't know about the way you've just ported the RT stations into the subway, though. Plenty of them are superfluous as it is. You'd probably be better off shuttering one of Ellesmere or Midland, considering how close together they are, and McCowan as well. The place is right across the street from Scarborough Town Centre, and even today there's hardly a reason for it to exist in the first place.

Anonymous said...

If only this were reality... :(

irving said...

You need to get this one out there. This map accomplishes more than anything we have ever seen from the city of TTC. This reminds me of the amazing system in Berlin and other European countries.


Ben said...

Weird how you'd leave off Transit City, considering it covers a lot of the same routes but with more appropriate vehicles. At least you admit that most of the places your proposed lines are don't have the density to warrant subways. But if you admit it, why plan for subways there?

Ethan Niu said...
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Ethan Niu said...
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Ethan Niu said...

shut off ellesmere and scarborough centre station

Ethan Niu said...
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Ethan Niu said...
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Ethan Niu said...
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Ethan Niu said...

3!2!1! If you still don't make H6s or still don't cancel ellesmere and mcCowan stations I will kill you!

Ethan Niu said...

I want you to make H6s this is
the last WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pew! pew! I am killing YOU!