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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Toronto-Based Board Games

Toronto Subway Game
If Toronto wants to be a world class city on a par with the likes of New York or London, then it needs to be in more board games. To date, only five somewhat-dull Toronto-based board games have been produced. While New York City is the setting for the excellent cops and robbers game New York Chase, Toronto is the subject of the less exciting Reading and Writing: The Toronto Research Game. If the game’s kick-ass title doesn't grab your attention, then check out its equally awesome description.

"Reading and Writing" is a simulation of what the Toronto Research Group goes through writing *their* essays. Now you can experience the excitement of the competitive search for knowledge as you vie with other players to find and read books that will help you garner the groundbreaking might into the process of READING and WRITING. In the campaign version of the game, you'll have a chance to build a REPUTATION as the *real* thinker in the Toronto Research Group!
Toronto Research GameThe exciting Toronto Research Game!

Any kid who found this game under the Christmas tree is probably still recovering from the shock. When we think of the word exciting several things come to mind, but simulating reading and writing for the Toronto Research Group isn’t one of them. The game came in a book called Rational Geomancy: The Kids of the Book-Machine, which was published by Talonbooks in 1992 and is still available today.

Toronto Toronto Monopoly
The other Toronto-based board games aren’t much better. Besides two monopoly games—one of which is about the Toronto Maple Leafs—there’s a simplistic 1989 Toronto trivia game called The Game of Toronto, and a 1994 game based on the TTC called Subway Toronto. Of all the games, Subway Toronto looks like it would be the most interesting to play. The game looks pretty easy and it’s a little out-of-date (no Sheppard Line), but the concept is unique. Unfortunately, the publisher, Subway Games International, doesn’t exist anymore and the game isn't sold anywhere.

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