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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cylon Inspired Buildings

We already discovered that Toronto’s CN Tower looks quite a bit like a Cylon with its red LEDs on. But Canada’s not the only country with a toaster problem.

Cylon Osaka Japan
Photo by Poagao. From Osaka, Japan.

Honda's robot, ASIMO, has been a little too impressive lately...

The Getty Cylon
Photo by C.K.o. The Getty, Unknown location.

Those Cylons are getting sneakier. They can hide almost anywhere now.

Ventura county Cylon
Photo by swanklin. Ventura County, California.

It seems that Cylons can be built out of any material.

Sydney Australia Cylon
Photo by Kutterkan. Sydney, Australia.

Cylons have even infiltrated Australia.

Royal Ontario Museum ROM Toronto Cylon
Photo by Bradley J. Reinhardt. Toronto, Ontario.

Okay, this marker outside the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto looks more like HAL than a Cylon.

Cylon Boston Cambridge
Photo by Imran... Boston, Massachusetts.

Not all Cylons are pretty.

The CN Tower is a Cylon
Photo by Steve C. Lemaire Toronto, Canada

...And of course, our favourite Cylon: the CN Tower.