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Sunday, April 05, 2009

The Cold Opulence of the Air Canada Centre’s Box Seats

Loge Suite Air Canada Centre Toronto Maple Leafs

On Saturday, we had the good fortune of scoring tickets to see the Leafs play the Canadiens. The Leafs were slaughtered six to two, but the highlight of the outing wasn’t the game, it was the box seats. We were sitting in the Loge Suite, which in the ranking of Air Canada Centre suites falls somewhere between the Executive and Theatre suites. We’d never sat in a suite before, but we could see why businesses love to rent them. Having a box is a lot like being royalty. You’re provided with comfy seating, brought food and booze, and separated from the general riff-raff. The only thing missing is a pledge of fidelity from the players before the game starts.

While the opulence might impress a client, it comes at a price beyond the seven-thousand dollar cost per game [PDF]. Being king can be isolating. Sitting in a box distances you from the experience and robs you of the crowd’s energy. It might be swanky, but it’s no different than watching the game at an upscale bar.

Photo by Stephen M.