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Monday, April 27, 2009, You Ruined the Slate Culture Gabfest Too

Slate Culture Gabfest Audible

A few months back, we argued that the online audio book service was ruining the Slate Political Gabfest. Sure, our argument was crazy and exaggerated, but Slate’s Audible ads were, and still are, disruptive. The Political and Culture gabfests are well-produced and insightful, but every time is mentioned, we cringe and find ourselves jumping ahead to the next discussion topic. Dickerson and Plotz don’t even seem all that interested in Audible, as Bazelon has to constantly remind her Political Gabfest co-hosts to say something about their sponsor. Stephen Metcalf, Dana Stevens, and Julia Turner—of the Culture Gabfest—are a little more enthusiastic and a little less forgetful, but the ads still break up the flow of the show.

We still believe that is the perfect sponsor for both shows. We love books, and we want to hear the opinions of the gabfest hosts (that’s why we listen to the show in the first place). The ads just need to be better integrated or repositioned, so they don’t break up the main discussions.


black magic woman said...

I totally agree with your post about the audible ads.

I've not taken to downloading the slate podcasts, opening them in garageband (on the mac), putting in chapters where the ads begin and end and then skipping them.

Anonymous said...

i dont mind the ads, i mean you have to pay the bills! shesh do you expect them to do these podcasts for free??? would you work for free?