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Sunday, April 05, 2009

The Art of Photo Manipulation

Photo Manipulation

Are photo manipulators artists? These days, it’s often the photoshopper who makes the image special, so don’t they deserve credit for their work? This question has been bouncing around photography and editing circles for years now and the consensus is still no. As much as we manipulate and construct photos, we still want to believe that the photo itself is real. The reputation of the photo editor is built upon their ability to maintain the illusion of reality. If we started to credit manipulators that illusion would be broken. Most of us recognize that the images in ads and magazines are heavily airbrushed, but perfection sells and if we’re willing to believe it, then ad executives are more than happy to perpetuate it.

Although there are always examples of photoshopping gone horribly wrong.

Michelle Obama Becomes a Barbie
Michelle Obama is Barbiefied.

Madonna Photoshopped
Madonna becomes an alien.

Katie Couric Photoshopped Thin
Katie Couric loses a million pounds.

Jessica Alba Photoshopped Thin
Jessica Alba becomes a stick.

American Olympians Photoshop Extra Hand
Thing from the Addams Family becomes an Olympian.

Lead image comes from Image of Michelle Obama comes from New York Magazine. Image of Madonna comes from World of Wonder. Image of Katie Couric comes from YourCover. Image of Jessica Alba comes from the Daily Mail. Olympian Milk image comes from Photoshop Disasters.