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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Yes Pecan! How Companies Are Marketing To The Obama Generation

Yes Pecan! by Ben and Jerry's

Change is the air in Washington, on lips of the world, and even plastered across television, radio, and magazines ads—yes, companies have finally embraced the mantra of “hope and change” in an effort to sell us ice cream, gum, and soft drinks. But seriously, what took them so long? Change was already a buzzword in 2008 Pepsi—and could you please make your logo a little more obvious? It seems that almost every company has jumped on the change bandwagon. Wrigley’s wants Americans to “stick together,” Nickelodeon is promoting its lousy cartoons by calling kids “agents of change,” and according to Ikea “the time for domestic reform is now.”

Pepsi Hope Ad

So have Canadian advertising companies started using Obama’s lofty rhetoric to hock goods? Unfortunately, yes. In a December ad, Mini copied the style of the iconic red, white, and blue Obama change poster to tell us:
One leader has shown us that change is possible. Before it was fashionable oratory, change was a car. A small car. A car that changed the way we judge performance cars. The way we think about fuel-efficient cars. The way we look at speed limits. So you can still make change happen with a 2009 Mini? Yes, you can!

Mini Obama Ad

The Yes Pecan! image is from Ben and Jerry's website, the Pepsi "hope" image is by jameshome, and the Mini advertisement was scanned by The Marketing Blog.


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