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Monday, February 09, 2009

Toronto’s News Media Market Is Oversaturated

Burning Newspaper

There are a lot of great news organizations that call Toronto home, but when Eye, Now, and a dozen other outlets keep producing the same headlines, it’s time to wonder if we have too much of a good thing. There over seventy-five major media organizations that currently cover Toronto—plus thousands of Toronto centric blogs. All of these organizations compete with each other to provide unique content and break stories, but with so much competition, repetition has become commonplace and unique ideas are almost impossible to come by. Toronto, like much of news industry, is in the grips of what Michael Kinsley calls an information gridlock—which he attributes to the growing blogosphere. But the problem isn’t just blogs, it’s the industry as whole—too many organizations are slashing staff while simultaneously trying to increase content in a frantic effort to compete. You can only do more with less for so long; eventually content starts to suffer, and sooner or later the superfluous news organizations will go under.

Image by Cuppojoe