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Monday, February 16, 2009

Bell And Rogers Are Lying To Us About Internet Congestion

Bell Er Campaign Poster

According to data released to the CRTC by Canada’s top seven ISPs for the period 2005-06 to 2007-08, annual growth in terms of total traffic is declining. This makes sense—broadband sales have hit a wall, as every Canadian who wants a broadband connection probably already has one. This data also completely undermines the Canadian ISPs and their arguments for internet management. For the past few years, Bell, Rogers, and the rest of the ISPs have been telling us that our internet usage is crippling their networks, but as co-founder Steve Anderson has noted, “If traffic growth is slowing, then it is hard to imagine why the ISPs need to suddenly selectively throttle Internet traffic. The fact that ISPs are slowing access to Internet technologies that compete with their own services seems like more than just a coincidence.”

The CRTC, which is studying traffic management and “net neutrality,” has extended the deadline for public submissions on the issue until February 23rd. Originally the deadline was February 16th, however, the ISPs only released their data last Wednesday, and consumer groups still needed time to respond. Canadians who want to voice their concerns to the CRTC can still do so through

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