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Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Threat That Will Eventually Destroy Facebook

Destroy FacebookSlate has it all wrong. The threat to Facebook isn’t Google or portability—it’s the big brother tendencies of big business. Facebook thrives on information. Personal data, photos, stories—all of this information fuels Facebook and makes the site all the more attractive to its users. The problem is that business has found another use for this data: spying. Most companies use Facebook to perform background checks on potential employees and there are companies out there that frequently tap social networks to find out what their employees are up to.

This is what’s going to kill Facebook. Who’s going to want to share their information if it can come back to haunt them, and potentially get them fired? Sure, we could all reduce our profiles to bland and inoffensive lists, but who wants that? Facebook depends on the freedom of expression—without it, the site is no better than a phonebook with pictures.