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Thursday, December 25, 2008

DVD Cover Art Sucks

Batman the Animated Series DVD Volume 4
Why are DVD cases universally terrible? We shell out anywhere from $20 to $300 for movies and television shows, only to be rewarded with lazy artwork and sloppy design. Is it so much effort for companies to hire a semi decent art team to produce cover art? The music industry can produce decent cover art, so why can’t the movie and television industry?

Granted, the movie industry is a lot better at producing cover art than the television industry—take a look at the cover art on the Dark Knight DVD case, the “Jokerized” version looks kick-ass. Compare that to the Batman the Animated Series DVD collection, the art looks like a horrendous 60s throwback and the screenshots look like they were picked at random.

Most covers suffer from the same basic problem—the industry is far more interested in slapping an airbrushed headshot on the front cover than anything interesting. Take a look at these examples.

Bland, bland, bland!

It’s time for the industry to stand up. We are sick and tired of substandard DVD art. We’d rather get our DVDs in a brown paper bag than look at this crap.