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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Medieval Times Review

Medieval Times Toronto
Medieval Times is shallow entertainment at its finest. And that’s just the way it should be.

Medieval Times TorontoIn 1973, the first Medieval Times opened on the Spanish island of Majorca. Since then, the dinner attraction has spread across North America. Today, Medieval Times operates 8 castles across the continent.

Although Medieval Times is often advertised as an authentic medieval experience, the show has more in common with Disneyland than Medieval European history. If you’re looking for an educational experience, you’ve come to the wrong place. Go to a museum instead.

While it’s true that were knights in the 11th century and that kings occasionally hosted tournaments, they looked nothing like Medieval Times. What you’ll find at Medieval Times bears a stronger resemblance to the movie “A Knight’s Tale.”

Also, for health reasons, the food you find at Medieval Times is not an accurate representation of the food one would find at an 11th century medieval feast. Were Medieval Times to replicate 11th century food, the health inspector would probably have to close the place down for serving rotten meat and moldy bread.

Medieval Times TorontoNothing in the show should be taken seriously. The characters are loud and boisterous, the story is superficial, and the fighting can best be described as WWE with swords.

In true Disneyland fashion, everything at Medieval Times is for sale. Want a giant beer in plastic challis, a light up plastic sword, or a pretty pink princess hat? It’s all available at the Castle Gift Shop. In fact, when you first arrive you have to wait an hour in the shop before the show starts, which provides plenty of time to buy drinks and merchandise.

Despite the merchandising, the show is a lot of fun. The jousting and sword fights are exciting and the production values are quite high. Cheering your knight to victory is exhilarating, though it can be somewhat disappointing if your knight is one of the first to be eliminated. (Note to All: The Green Knight is evil and thus always defeated.)


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