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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A McCain Win would tear the Racial Fabric of the United States apart

A McCain win would have disastrous consequences for the United States. Though, it would not be because of his governing style or policies. If McCain wins this November, it will set the progress of racial equality back by decades.

Barack Obama is on the cusp of a momentous achievement. While the election of the first Africa-American President is unlikely to solve the deep racial tensions inherent in American society, it would be an important step forward. Even Obama’s nomination was an important step.

O.J. Simpson’s recent trial for kidnapping and robbery serves as an important example of how racial tensions in the United States have abraded in the last decade. In 1995, Simpson’s trial divided Americans. White Americans mostly thought he was guilty, while black Americans thought he was innocent. The conclusion of Simpson’s trial this week has not had the same affect. The guilty verdict delivered last Friday has not has not sparked debates over racism in America. Even the media has only reluctantly covered the trial.

Obama’s candidacy is part of the reason why this trial lacks the racial intensity of Simpson’s 1995 trial. However, if Obama loses the Presidential Election, it will be hard not to blame the loss on racism. Bush’s approval rating is in the low 20s, McCain has run a poor campaign, America is stuck in two foreign wars, and economy is going down the toilet. As Charles Krauthammer wrote in August, “The Italian Communist Party could win this election.” If the Democrats lose, pundits, analysts, and Obama supporters are going to cry racism and they would probably be right to do so.