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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

How to get fired from the easiest Job in the World

As readers might have gathered from my article on Canadian election workers, Elections Canada will usually hire just about anyone for the job. The jobs on Election Day aren’t particularly difficult either. Deputy Returning Officers and Poll Clerks are usually the ones with the most to do. They are the ones who process each individual vote and count the ballots at the end of the night. They might also have to do other jobs if they are the only ones at the polling station.

Registration Officers usually don’t do nearly as much. They just help register voters and issue correction certificates. At some polling stations, a day’s work might only amount to a dozen corrections.

The people who do the least are the Information Officers. It is the job of the Information Officers to direct people to proper polling station. These workers greet the electorate at the door, ask for an information card, read it, and then direct the electorate to the proper polling station. The job could be done by a well-trained chimp, or perhaps even a colourful sign.

Getting fired by Elections Canada is pretty difficult for even the most incompetent individual. But, being fired from the position of Information should be impossible. It’s not as if you really do anything.

However, as I witnessed this weekend, it’s entirely possible. All you need to do is be simultaneously loud, talkative, slow, lazy, irresponsible, forgetful, rude, and dumb. It also helps if you argue with the boss and berate their decisions.