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Monday, October 27, 2008

Canadians Flood Across the U.S. Border to Volunteer for Obama

Canadians are in love with Barack Obama. If Canadians voted in the upcoming U.S. Presidential Election, Obama would win by a landslide. A whopping 89% of Canadians favour Obama. By contrast, only 11% support McCain. Despite recently returning Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party to power, Canadians tend to be more liberal than their American counterparts.

Now that the final days of the U.S. campaign are upon us, more and more Canadians are heading south to volunteer for the Obama campaign. In late August, the Vancouver Sun estimated that approximately 40 Canadians were working for the Obama campaign in 5 different states. While it is difficult to estimate, by now, that number has probably risen into the hundreds.

Who are these Canadians though?

Some are Liberal Party activists. "It's important to Canadians that we have a more peaceful world and stronger U.S.-Canadian relations," says Mr. Caley, president of the B.C. Young Liberals. "[Mr. Obama] had the judgment to oppose the Iraq war from the beginning, and for a lot of young people in Canada and around the world who stood in those marches to oppose the war from the beginning, they need to have someone running for president who was in those marches as well."

A group of 17 Canadians with Liberal ties from B.C. also founded the site Canadians for Obama and joined the Obama campaign in February. The site provides information about how Canadian Obama supporters can help work phone banks or travel south.

“Perhaps what stood out the most about the trip to Washington was the sheer energy,” explains Andriy Mishchenko, one of the founders of Canadians for Obama. “It’s a cliche, but very true that the Obama movement empowers people and makes them feel like their thoughts and votes really count for something.”

Most Canadian volunteers are just individuals though. During the primaries, Matt Oberhoffner decided to make a long-term commitment to the Obama campaign. In June, Oberhoffner left his Edmonton home and wife to join the Obama Campaign, with no plans to return until after November 4th. In New Hampshire, Oberhoffner works grueling 80-hour days for only the satisfaction of being part of the campaign.

“I thought to myself, 'I can't believe I'm actually doing this,’” said Oberhoffner. "He's such a vehicle for change and has inspired so many people. It's just something I wanted to be a part of.”

The impact of these Canadian volunteers, despite their small numbers, should not be discounted. Even though Obama has amassed an army of tens of thousands of foot soldiers and hundreds of thousands of contributors, a few hundred devoted Canadians working 80-hour weeks could make all the different in some swing states.


Anonymous said...

What a great story! Obama is uniting Americans with each other AND inspiring our neighbors to join us. That says a lot about the man, our country, Canadians and the power of friendship. Thank you all!

Anonymous said...

LOL, now, looking back, you have to think how ignorant that comment sounds.

Obama is going to kill America as we know it.

Welcome to The United Socialist States Of America.